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Bedtime Café (Sajal-Neha Drama)

An ideal man has a relatively higher libido than a typical woman and so couples should express empathy, understanding and tolerance. (credit: social media)

Many times couples simultaneously feel horny and so no ‘tortoise story’ before they exchange signals and pleasure and passion. But many times more, a typical man feels horny when his madam isn’t.

And to bridge the gap so their hearts could hug and kiss to enable their bodies cuddle and connect oga boss would try come up with innovations to make madam surrender all her weapons, as well as release her talents and enable him produce her music.

If the way some men go creative in bed just to swim in the deep blue sea is the way they do in their offices they would have transformed to advert executive of global reckoning or at worse successful and high net-worth businessmen.

An Indian businessman based in London, Sajal knew his wife, Neha had passion for fashion and entertainment and when he’s in the mood but unfortunately can’t feel any vibe or cue or signals coming from Neha he starts with, either music or movie or fashion but when he wants his wife to surrender without retreating he does a combo of fashion, media and entertainment and that was what he did on the night in question.

“I heard Kim and Kanye want to expand their frontiers in fashion … with a fusion of Africa and India. Fabrics from India and design from Africa or both?”

And immediately Neha hears the statement, the bulbs in her eyes stole all the lights in the bulbs around and her Watt shoots up and she immediately came closer,

“Oh babe that will be highly interesting you know, even ex-President Barack Obama will like the idea and the the products, and our own India compatriots … will cherish,” and she came to sit on  her hubby’s laps and voiced, “Darling please tell me more of it!”

The trap had been set with the bait of not just fashion but music and media as well and that’s too tempting for Neha’s immunity to repel.

“Yeah babe but before team Kim-Kanye come up with their ideas and deals I’ll get you a nice fabric and take you to a skilled female designer who just open store not too far from my office, Neha is to Sajal what Kim is to Kanye so you’re my first and primary focus!”

Her lips parted for smiles to stroll out and he kissed her … and Neha made him her primary focus that night. Lobatan (end of discussion)

Refreshing night’s rest to you all.


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