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Empathy and Sympathy in Diverse Contexts.

Empathy goes beneath the surface in love and life that’s why romance is empathy. (credit: social media)

Empathy is intellectual response; sympathy emotional reaction though both variables work hand-in-hand sometimes and in many cases it’s appropriate to start with sympathy in mind but end with empathy.

Giving someone fish is sympathy; teaching how to fish is empathy!

Most people work basically to earn so Mr. Badmus decided to give his wife monthly allowance of #300,000 so she could forget stressing herself with any kind of job.

She appreciated his gifts and gesture for many years but when she turned 65 or more she suddenly realized her first class (it could be other grades) certificate was useless and she felt bad, bitter and began to regret and lament. Badmus and his wife never knew they were dealing with sympathy not empathy. Now she detests and dislikes her hubby.

Giving a sick man paracetamol to relieve his pains is sympathy taking such or telling such to go to the hospital is empathy.

In the absence of major epidemics, medics may not suspect any ailment but sure they know there are many suspects in the criminal attacks going on in the patient’s body but to identify the real culprit(s) they carry out various tests on him.

But the results of some tests may not be ready until many hours (days at times) meanwhile they extend sympathy by relieving the patient’s pains with drugs as well as peak his immunity before the final results come out then empathy begins in earnest.

Sleeping with your wife is sympathy giving her the opportunity to voice her secret fantasies and actually experimenting them is empathy.

Sha do what you want to do so you don’t have excuses to engage in extramarital affairs,” from a wife is sympathy.

Falling in love with sex for him, being passionate about his brand of sex  and showing tolerance, understanding … to enable him relax so he could perform better next term is empathy.

In our contemporary world there are many cases of sympathy in lieu of empathy and many times this makes self-actualization a mirage but the experience many not come to fore until many years later.

Empathy in other contexts:

If your mum is into extramarital affairs keep mute and correct her in private; if your dad takes and courier drugs correct him before it’s too late.

Your daughter mistakenly got pregnant in high school or college, the harm had been done already and perhaps you were part of the mistakes don’t be another mistake.

Be her mouthpiece in public and if bullies armed with tongues or fingers on buttons gravitate fight them off BUT instruct and inspire her in private and peradventure she had dropped out of school then motivate her to return to same.

None is perfect and while we try to straighten the path of others let’s be wary so we don’t end up in the ditch as well.

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