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‘Mornings Duties.’

Water scarcity. Philanthropist and social activist Melinda Gates joined Malawian women to source water. 

What do we do when we rise from bed … and exit our rooms or apartments?

Oh I can see mama Fadekemi, tall, dark-skinned and plus-sized. She picks her doro (fetcher) equally big and heads to the next building with the deepest well and most notorious for having the largest amount of water and so able to serve many inhabitants of the neighbourhood.

And when people besiege the well the water changes colour from colourless to colour blessed and that’s the colour of tea.

Mama Fadekemi’s fetcher is a bully and because of that many detest the bearer and so when she emerges many mouths spill mtcheeeeew loud enough for all those at the well to hear and for those who came late to later join the party by re-echoing. Oh but not loud enough to cross the border into Mama Fadekemi’s ears!

I can see Uche, no Uuuuuche a 4’10’’ man washing his jeep in his compound.

Because he’s a literally small man and his car big he must jump up several times to reach and clean the upper part of his jeep especially the roof.

His wife, Vivian who was relatively blessed in the height department and towers to 5’7” had earlier bought mop for him to prevent him from jumping up and coming down 5’oclock in the morning.

And that’s answers to the query of American female rapper Tanya Pointer aka Nonchalant … when she asks 5 o’clock in the morning where you gonna be? Now it’s inside the house for Uche never outside on the corner.

Talking about outside on the corner Kunle (aka Kaka) must steal out of his building to the corner in his street to release some smoke in the air the smoke of which children and ignorant adults might perceive as moinmoin burning on fire.

But hey some children actually know it’s marijuana and not burning moinmoin and that’s fire on the mountain so Kaka you better get yourself together, get yourself together!

Marijuana negates the instructions from Al jannah.

Tell Mukaila to learn the habit of reducing the volume of his sound system 6am isn’t 9am and residential neighbourhood isn’t nightclub.

Many times what you know how to do, you love doing and when people commend you on it they fuel your passion the more, little wonder Bisola like chef Chioma with gifted hands must visit her kitchen grab onions throw in oil, mix and match ingredients and upload sumptuous item 7 for her family.

Meanwhile the aroma which was bliss to her family was ‘bile and bliss’ to her landlord a divorcee Ijaw man who felt all Yoruba women have exceptional culinary skills, after all Bisola was a Yoruba woman.

He felt it was high time he said bye-bye to the lifestyle and status with Mr. but lacks Mrs, he therefore told Bisola to arrange him her unmarried friend, Busayo so he could convert her from single to married. Marriage is beyond meals o!

Beyoncé is doing brilliantly well in music and marriage so where are the single ladies? All the singles

Know and note that culinary skills work like magic in that it makes you worm your way into the hearts of your family without crawling nor sweating!

If your children err and you beat them with words, maybe cane sometimes, your fingers will rub their tummies and say sorry to them without you voicing same!

Withdrawing money for groceries from your hubby’s mind will be much easier more like a brilliant students asking for money (schools fees) from daddy.And Melinda bent down to render helping hands. (credits: Melinda Gates/Instagram)

Have a gorgeous Thursday!

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