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Pains and Gains of Social Media (Interviews)


We decided to split our social media interviews into further sections because of its engaging nature. In fact, many instructions erupt on the field and we believe this will be highly beneficial to founders and fans of social media. So expect more in days to come.

Some of our respondents love the feedback they get from family and friends and other people in their social circle while some detests the fact that it could addictive yet distracting.

“What I find most interesting about social media is the express access to comedy. Skits makes it irresistible to me; the other side is the temptations to invest too much of one’s time which means leisure time could usurp academics, sleep, work ….” Olafeso Oluwatobi

Favour Oluwanifemi.

“I particularly cherish emoji as means of expressing one’s emotions; you also meet new people across the globe while staying in touch with your current friends and reestablishing contacts with old ones. You’ve also got the opportunity to team up on social media. Talk of whatsApp group where you can share information on common interests, instructional materials, ideas, lifestyles, fashion and update on music.”

So what does Favour disfavours about social media?

“The pains are as real as the gains. Social media undoubtedly consumes data which is money, it also exhausts phone batteries. Unnecessary pop-ups are big nuisance, not to forget the issues of ‘friends’ with their importunate demands for your mobile contacts which often triggers many messages and interestingly many of them are wastes which overshadow the few crucial messages and important updates.” – Awoniyi Favour Oluwanifemi


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