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‘Friends vs Owambe Friends.’

Ore mi ore mi pose at owambe. (Mblov and Anjysworldprd)

Owambe is a Nigerian-themed events and many well-wishers attend same with family and friends.

It’s a life filled with family, friends and acquaintances but an acquaintance today could transform to friend in a month and bosom friend in months and pathetically too bosom friends could become sworn enemies. But that’s not where we’re going today.

Sea of friends: the friend you call when you’re cash-trapped could be different from the one you contact when you’re trapped in love; the one you reach out to when you need financial advice could be Ikechukwu; when you’re stuck in life and need prayers it’s Ikemefuna.

Nonetheless some people have very few friends and it works for them and one friend here could double as multiple friends in various circumstances.

Friends are diverse as highlighted but owambe friends are those who belong to our social class, maybe same religion and we rock events and occasions together.

Now many Africans especially women have owambe friends and when one is invited to an event the other must gatecrash and that’s why celebrants often make provision for legitimate gatecrashers.

They know that one invite means two or three guests and to avoid issues they plan ahead.

Please say hi to your owambe friend and hope your day was blessed?


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