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Church as Humans.

Churches are not necessarily buildings but peoples building fellowship with God. (credit: aldomurillo/Getty Images)

Church isn’t a physical structure but biological and that’s why churches are not necessarily buildings.

Many campus undergraduates fellowship on open fields and it’s church; as a pastor if people gather in your home on Sundays to worship your home becomes a church until you move to a rented facility or your church’s building.   

Transformed prisoners go to church on Sundays without leaving the prison-yard and many times their leaders are fellow inmates.  

We also have individual churches – yes the one in your mind and that’s v-e-r-y sacrosanct. If you’re evil that’s not a church but God may decide to touch you so let him torch your evil attitudes and transform you. That’s movement from darkness to light and you automatically become His vessel.

That means you’ll no longer fight God’s light shinning in individuals, families, societies and humanity in general.

What do you worship in your mind? Devil or God? Do you have a church or shrine in your mind? Let your conscience respond to that!

In rounding off, let the church in your mind if you’re bi or multilingual you’re showing love and affection to your loved ones if you interpret accurately what you read here to your loved ones who don’t understand English.

Happy Sunday to you all!


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