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Humanity as God’s Vessels.

Clerics are God’s vessels amongst His vessels. (credit: wikipedia)

As Christians phenomenal and inspirational stories; and Bible characters: heroes, traitors … didn’t end in the Bible because God is pre-Bible, Bible and post-Bible era, times and many of them are happening in our contemporary world.

Now if you believe the stories and characters documented in the Bible which happened behind you and you disbelieve those happening in your era and presence then your beliefs are questionable.

Many times we expect to see persons God called in cassock or other religious attire and see Holy Books as big as elephants before finally seeing them but God uses humanity at different  levels and phases of life and many times God doesn’t call the qualified but qualifies the called – who’s qualified anyway!

The medic treating your spouse maybe children or family is the vessel God is using at that material time so accept.

Clerics are spiritual fathers, helpers, counselors, prayers … but there’s a limit to what they can do in your life so accept that as well.

Medics don’t have to wait for your pastors nor seek instructions from them before doing their jobs. And if you so much believe in prayers then have faith that your prayers and that of your spiritual fathers will be stamped by God wherever they are.

Clerics pray, medics care; God answers prayers and heals.


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