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Old Law vs New Love (Mrs. Jumoke Ajayi’s Final Instructions to Bimpe her Daughter) II

Information is incomplete without communication and in communication experiences, skills … are shared. (credit: kali9, Getty Images)

However the one that makes the effort no matter how little may win him back in the end.

Babe, my Bibi, see a man that gives you pleasure and hang your self-esteem atop Femi Johnson building in Dugbe, Ibadan because he gives you 100% attention will inadvertently put you under unbearable pressure if or when he finally stops contacting you and you may revert to Femi jo Femi mode since your self-esteem had fallen from Femi Johnson.

He made you feel important therefore you felt like the most desirable woman in his life and so in life in general.

Life is so ironic that five men could be pestering you for love and within 3 months you may not have any one doing same again. The first, second, third and fourth had left within 2 months and the fifth you heard just became a baby daddy and that pissed you off big time.

This will look like dreams, better still like they planned the coup to pay you back in your own coin, but seriously it’s not like that but poor you you automatically enter femi jo femi phase and marry me, please marry me is a desperate phase of love.

The fact that a man leaves you makes you feel that he’s met someone better and that makes your self-esteem nosedive and your self-worth sinks beneath the sea.

Now peradventure out of the five men you’re blessed to have one remaining but he didn’t leave because he was probably using you as insurance … but unfortunately since you’re now desperate you may want to keep him at all cost and now that your self-worth is nil you may acquiesce to his demands.

You that used to get angry if a man demands sex from you may now want to use same as weapon to make him stay but it’s not baby and breast milk matter and he may have his fill and abscond finally.
Bibi pause for a second and ponder over this and get back to me.

It’s time to enlighten and instruct your brother as well but I feel I should let his dad do that ….


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