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Old Law vs New Love (Mrs. Jumoke Ajayi’s Final Instructions to Bimpe her Daughter)

Mums and grannies were once girls and ladies and experience as they say is the best teacher. (credit: kali9, Getty Images)

Mrs Funke Ajayi concludes her correspondence with her daughter Bimpe.

Bibi, men are adventurous in love and life and an ideal man will have some ladies in the bank – two or more in his neighbourhood, one or two at his church, some in his school, some at his workplace, or facility around his workplace.

What am I saying? Every man whether an undergraduate or job applicant or working-class is an island surrounded by ladies.

He could have his eyes on the daughter of the owner of his favourite restaurant and the restaurateur may not mind him dating her daughter; the fresh female college graduate waiting for her call-up letter and helping her sister at her store in the shopping mall he knows and have her contacts; as a chorister he’s got two close choir members who likes him ….

Don’t forget it’s easier for men to arrange babes for themselves unlike women.

‘We adore those who ignore us but ignore those who adore us’ as expiry date because reality will finally overthrow fantasy and that confirms the philosophy of when the desirable isn’t available, the available becomes the desirable. And the ‘available’ means presence not necessarily proximity because Ife Coker in Coker, Lagos could be closer to Yomi in Abayomi Estate than Lara in Iwo Road.

Bibi be smart enough to know the distinction between a serious suitor and a playboy and smarter in dealing with them appropriately, after all lust has its head-office in the heart of a playboy while love has his in the heart of a serious man.

Out of mind is out of sight they say but ideally a man who loves you will keep the lines of communication open even when out of sight because your love had taken root in his mind but the seed may wither and die if your ‘out of sight’ mode fails to bliss his mood yet pours bile in his blood – because you refuse to pick his calls and reply his messages.

Now note that you’re not the air he breathes nor the food he eats not even his sleep, nor his mum so good riddance to bad rubbish may finally be expressed and experienced.

Now the most painful thing is that when he longer idolizes you, you begin to adore him but a typical lady is too egotistical to try re-establishing contact; but just a flash or even an SMS could bridge your hearts again.

Now did you beg him? No! Sell guilt to him and he could buy but if one of your rivals had not outsmarted you all.

The text message could be in this format:

“See this man that made me believe his love is real, for real. Oh my silent treatment means I don’t want to be your friend but I could be your friend and you failed woefully!”

The contents of the message actually depend on some variables. Now we women erroneously believe ‘our men’ will come back to us but a typical man has about 5 ladies (sometimes more) thinking, feeling he’ll come back to them.

That’s queue meets go slow in snow! And this could be likened to queuing for an attendant that had probably closed for the day.



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