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Bedtime Café (Two disappointments in One Bedroom)

Love is premised on give-and-take

When a woman tells her partner, “I’m not in the mood tonight!” maybe “I’ve got this nagging headache since morning yet it refuses to go on vacation!” the man feels disappointed especially if he feels his wife was trying to put up a Lionel Messi so as to make him a CR7 in bed.

Remember both legendary players are not teammates so they play against each other not together. Conversely the woman may suffer similar feelings if her hubby fails to satisfy her and so dissatisfaction leads to disappointment.

Her disappointment could make her reject him some other time, now when two or more disappointments come together misunderstandings and ill-feelings, bitterness, mistrust, dislike … come up.

So how do you resolve this delicate issue?

Open up. Chat, exchange information; express your true feelings but be tactful and pick your words carefully to avoid bruising the ego of your partner and believe me the solution will begins in earnest.

Solutions to many issues in life starts before intervention in so far as we admit we have a mountain to surmount but there’s a difference between trying to climb a mountain to get to the other side and having to climb a mountain to reach the other side and knowing the difference will save us lots of stress and headache in love and life.

Now if the issue is premised on intense stress and burnout at the workplace because he’s got huge work, having to relieve someone for a week then it’s not an issue per se but if it’s an underlying health issue or dying love or other variables then that’s an issue!

First things first – know the cause and then begin work from there but you may need to see your professional healthcare giver.

Many times issues that confront us are small, very small but we add tissues and tissues until they become Goliath and we do because we believe they can’t be remedied and so we make no attempt to seek intervention and such grows from 2 to 4 to 8 to 16 to 32 ….

Lovely night’s rest to you all



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