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{Image on the left ojoro aso-ebi: solidarity with Mrs. mode}; {middle: 100% aso-ebi} and {right: ojoro aso-ebi: solidarity with Mr. version} note: ojoro means pranks

Fashion like love has passion and huge following and in this article we do a combo of both variables. Aso-ebi is an ideology peculiar to Africans whereby well-wishers clad similar fabrics to owambe and owambe is Nigerian-themed events. However, similar fabrics don’t mean similar styles. Aso means clothes and ebi represent family and literally speaking it connotes clothes worn by family members and by extension one’s social circle, well-wishers ….

more pics ahead

Pacify and satisfy

Resolving issues by satisfying both parties:

Your hubby detests aso-ebi for couple and you know his love for you is unquestionable and his behaviour understandable; but you cherish the idea of aso ebi for two so much that you feel empty not having your way and in the end he decided to pacify you and satisfy himself.

Aso ebi with and without ebi.

When couples attire aso ebi to event yet want to stand out from the crowd as two – the ‘I do’.

‘Eve vs Steve,’

When the female version of couples in aso ebi is taller beyond all reasonable doubts after all women are heels and so society disregard their shoes and inches when calculating height for couples.

Excess to contain excuse.

When the economists in your wife’s genes improvise and convert her leftover fabrics (ideally meant for Junior) to your trousers so you don’t have excuse(s) not to attend her firm’s get-together.

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