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‘I do by Blood Before I do in Church.’

Your partner at your wedding is your spouse and parent of your kids in marriage. (credit: social media)

Marriage means compatibility – medically, mentally, socially and spiritually.

Your genotype must be able to partner medically, in other words similar in the case of AA+AA or dissimilar in the case of AA+AS or AA+SS. However, don’t forget similarity in the case of AS+AS is incompatibility.

There are many more models of genotypes but these are the most common.

If you’re asthmatic or diabetic it’s advisable not to marry an asthmatic or diabetic and so on.

Rhesus factor also counts but we hardly mention same because the consequence isn’t as grave as incompatible genotype.

I remember vividly when someone close to me was getting married some years back but the Rhesus of both the groom and bride-to-be were not compatible and were instructed on medications … to counter the consequences of Rhesus incompatibility.

Nonetheless know your Rhesus, don’t stop there know your genotype as well and see your healthcare providers before courtship.

Don’t say because your uncle who was AS and the Ajala that travelled all over love for many years yet wasn’t fortunate to meet an AA whom he loved and so he went back to his old love (an AS) got married to her and all their 4 children turned out to be AA and AS. 3 AAs and 1 AS, so you would do similarly.

People are different same with situations and events.  

In rounding off, adults who don’t know their genotypes even blood group are mobile phone users who don’t know their mobile numbers.


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