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Your Kids: Instructions and Schools.

Schools that cherish Kids have pupils who love schools and instructions (credit: social media)

Mode of instructions separate a lawyer from a surgeon, geologists from anatomists, plumbers from barbers and the like.

You speak your mother-tongue because you’re exposed to it, and exposure in this context translates to instructions. You learn more languages because of one-on-one interactions with those who speak them.

Your children are exposed to three major sources of instructions – home, school and religious centres but as parents you determine the other two and besides you’re lifelong teachers.

God says ‘Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.’

Therefore correct habits or attitudes your child(ren) are expressing now that you know will be counter-productive in the future and the earlier you re-orientate them the better.

Teaching and learning go together and as parents you’re also learning as you’re teaching your children and ward.

Sending your children to good schools isn’t luxury but necessity and in so far as you can afford it please give them the very best of instructions sourced from such schools. Don’t stop there engage them, analyze their abilities, interests, aptitude … inform and enlighten them and be there for them all the way.

The long term holiday is rounding off in Nigeria and in matter of days and weeks schools will begin a new session so if you see the need to change your children’s school then take time out to research the new school you want to put them and it’s not too late to do that.

However ask yourself why you want to change their schools and be honest about the response. If it’s for their self-improvement then don’t hesitate to.

In rounding off, partner with God to bring out the very best He has stocked in them.

Preach love by your actions and inaction, words and deeds and the seeds will take root and shoot and that means a better and peaceful society and that’s blessing to humanity.



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