Sea of Contrasting Instructions Before ‘I do’.

From love-proposal through dating to marriage-proposal and finally wedding, couples cross many hurdles in love and life.

Instructions come from many sources and modes … “Do this; don’t do that.”

“This is lawful; ah it’s a taboo” …. 

The only thing that’s stable in all these contrasting instructions and opinions is love because they were coming from honest and caring hearts.

TJ is 32; his mum wants him to marry quickly but his dad says, “Relax, don’t rush. I married your mum at 34 and she 30 so be patient, I don’t know if she’s been advising you but please take your time! Marriage is quick to say welcome but not slow to say bye-bye.

Danladi’s mum says, “Give me my grand-children immediately after your wedding and as many as possible,” Dan’s dad wasn’t there when his wife was talking to their son, Danladi and when they were alone he says, “… 3 kids are okay but take your time. Be singles again … before finally becoming parents!”

Mayowa’s dad voiced, “Marry an educated and enlightened woman so your children could be brilliant. Yes by nature and nurture. Science says children inherit intelligence from their mums, now even if it’s not totally true at least children inherit some aspect of intelligence from them and their mums spend more time with them and so able to expose them to adequate instructions which peak their overall intelligence.”

Mayowa’s mum opines “Don’t marry an oversabi woman she will become Ashake and Asabe (wife and boss in this context).

Azuka’s mum advises, “Marry the woman that loves you most.” His dad instructs “Marry the one you love the most.”

Ikechukwu’s dad says, “… above all marry a beauty queen at heart and other discounts, freebies … will be added”.

Ik smelt rat for he felt his dad never practiced what he’s preaching. His mum was such a beauty queen so much so that he thought he could never marry a woman as pretty as his mum and he felt his dad was a player.

Ik’s mum says, “All women are beautiful but you must marry a beauty queen for I desire lovely grand kids.”

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