‘Boys, Men and Beard.’

Parade of cute beards @ owambe.

If women are curves men are beards but not all men fancy and sports same.

It’s a life where some people see some things (hair now) as weed and send to the dustbin while some see as seed and spend their resources to acquire same.

Many men cherish beard but not all have same and that’s a loophole … someone needs something but couldn’t have it and someone somewhere saw a need and tries to fill … and that’s the beginning of beard-manufacturing for men, and now some men buy and sport artificial beard or even natural.

Beard gang.

Wig is artificial hair, right? Yeah, now did you know that the natural hair women and (men now) buy and wear is actually ‘artificial hair’ though it’s true human hair.

You see the moment the hair leaves the head or face of the owner it changes to artificial, after all the end user will be using what came from someone else which isn’t her or his natural hair.

For many years, boys see their dads, uncles … with moustache, beards and also notice that while some have and shave theirs some keep and nurture their talents.

And virtually all boys see beards, moustache as signs of adulthood just as we perceive buying and reading of newspapers as sign of advancement in age.

Shey na lie? I can see someone shaking his head and smiling.

They say just a matter of time and that time later gave us password and granted us access to adolescence and we begin to sport hairs on our faces or maybe see hairs on the faces of our mates.

This is issue, big issue and  many felt nature was unfair and so many of us try to beat or outsmart nature with nurture and so we begin to buy fertilizers (methylated spirit) to grow our bushes.

Interestingly and ironically too some actually interpret the script they’d seen adults acting out for years by shaving and we feel ‘See what we see as blessing another is seeing as curse and rejected by, ejecting.’

Times change same with people and some of us who prayed to God for hair got tired of same and overtime begin to shave.

Hmmmm what is it that you desire so much now that’s killing you? Pause and ponder; why kill yourself over same. In the future you’ll have and have in abundance.

Update your skills, make hay while the sun shines … and pray to God about it.

Is it admission to college; maybe marriage, or job or a house of your own? Whatever it is relax and breathe enjoy love, life and show gratitude to God.

Keep enjoying your weekend.

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