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Couples as Formidable Team.

When Jack the groom sees his marriage as jackpot and his wife feels don’t mind him he sees my pots as closer to him now than ever before.

Couples make up a team and chef desires and deserves a foodie which is gratitude in disguise; and inspiration and motivation to her culinary skills.

The celeb craves his first and last fan in his or her partner.

The one with high libido and big passion for workout in bed (most men in this context) desires partner who likes and makes sex without delay – more like fast food in QSRs

The public speakers of our respective families (most women in this case) want partners with ears that say  ‘I do’ to words.

Do you complement your partner?

Compatibility is similarity and in the context of dichotomy there’s no missing link because couples complement.

(image credit: fennes.co.uk)


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