Peace, as Office of all Stakeholders (II)

83-year-old Imam of Yelwa, Gidin-Akwati, Alhaji Abdullahi Abubakar the Islamic cleric that saved about 300 people especially Christians in Plateau State, Nigeria. (credit: social media)

He reportedly prostrated, pleaded on their behalf and their attackers finally left. He also allowed them use the mosque as shelter, they also fed them for days …. The imam and others had demonstrated agape love and believe me God is impressed, same with humanity.

I don’t know how many churches had express their gratitude (in cash and kind) to this wonderful senior citizen but remember it’s not too late. He’s an inspiration, broaden the inspiration and motivation.

Parents too have big roles to play and as earlier said many times the seed (peace or violence) they plant in the minds of their children usually sprout. Followers are the ones that arm themselves with weapons to kill and maim, but they are products of some homes, families. They are children of some people, parents as well.

It will be nice for our leaders especially legislators to look into and enact policy that will sufficiently and permanently cater for the lacuna no police report no treatment for patients in emergency situations.

In times of violence we start looking for scape goat – followers accuse leader; leaders sack some top security officers …. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying you shouldn’t sack incompetent officers please do but sometimes in trying to assuage pains and protests we just do something to show we’re working.

Can pain-reliever cure malaria? And we later see that change of office had no effect on the issue because we need change of mindset. Competent officers with enlightened and God-fearing people are two sure factors in the hands of God for peace to reign supreme.

Governments especially in Africa should take education seriously – if you need to grant some demographics free education do so, even if many complain of bias – remember peace impacts all; same way violence does.

The mission of the army many times is war but the vision is peace, and preferential treatment of a class (whether you belong to same or not) could mean bias to some; but it’s bliss, peace to all in the end – please remember this!

Provide jobs, make the environment suitable for businesses to thrive.

Education and jobs with the seed of peace in various minds are ‘security agents’ that fights violence without bloodletting. No noise, no news because it’s silence, very silent in various hearts!

Whether you’re President Donald Trump of the US; Theresa May of Great Britain, Emmerson Mnangagwa of Zimbabwe, Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria … maybe clerics, parents or whatever leadership position you find yourself, be a receptive listener, smart learner and an awesome leader.

Happy Sunday.

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