Peace as Office of all Stakeholders.

Celebs, pastors, congregants, leaders, followers … are all stakeholders in life matters. credit: social media

Many of us derive strength and pleasure in criticizing others and we’re geniuses in pointing accusing fingers, but many times we forget we’re stakeholders in the matter – leaders and followers; employers and employees; medics and patients ….

In times of violence many lives, properties are lost but it doesn’t end there for the deceased are members of some families, breadwinners in many cases.

And their loss means gloom, poverty and the spin-offs: illiteracy, school drop outs, disease, crime and criminals ….

We lose all sorts of demographics to unrest, which range from those who start the violence to those who try to forestall, not forgetting those who observe flight. In fact, it’s a spectrum from security agents to rebels, insurgents, to the vulnerable – senior citizens, women, children ….

Someone who lost his or her significant others or maybe became physically incapacitated, no thanks to violence, may likely detest his country and we need, crave and clamour for patriotism.

We cause problems, trigger violence, bloodletting when we turn God to humans … so sow love, and see the peace of others as one of your assignments to make the world a better place and leave judgment to God. 

Many don’t accept the fact that God will judge us based on our relations (hearts) not religions because the story of ‘members of other religions are going to hell’ had taken firm roots in our minds and it’s understandable after all it’s from the cradle.

In the light of this, accept the fact that members of other religions (also) won’t buy membership card of your religion because the ideology is alien to them – end of discussion.

Now peace is proactive solution to violence and as a cleric (of whatever faith) it begins with you. As a pastor or church decide to be your brother’s keeper. Show love, equity and empathy. Fight for their rights if they are being marginalized by an institution, members of your own religion et al.

Note that your ‘brother’ is members of other religions.

And remember to gifts Islamic clerics and Muslims especially during their festive occasions. Gifts of rams during Eid-al-Adha, chickens during Eid-el-Fitri, fruits, better still beverages during Ramadan will go a long way, and as an Islamic cleric or Mosque as a whole, send chickens to churches, pastors during Christmas, Easter and beverages during Lenten season.

By so doing you just demonstrated love by actions not just words and actions speak louder than words. This gesture from you shows you’re obeying the instructions as spelt out in the Holy Books and God will be happy with you; He will bless you for proposing peace via love. As you’re sending love; you’re sowing peace and God will make it germinate and blossom.

You’ve done your part and that’s automatic invite to God to fulfill his part of the bargain.

It’s ironic and pathetic to know that many of us believe in just praying and fasting for m-a-n-y days without doing the needful. For peace to reign, I say introduce science and observe the spiritual. 

If you tell your children that members of other religions are bad, evil … you’re introducing violence which may escalate or hibernate.

“See those people are devil they are worse than the one you read in the Holy Book … they killed your father ….”

Tell and warn such parents that they are sowing seeds of violence and the devil is sharp so they are inviting him to come fulfill his own part of the deal and he’ll surely come but we don’t want him so put hi at arm’s length.

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