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Fish-farmer vs. Fisherman

Fish farming demands painstakingness. (credit:biznakenya.com)

A fish farmer rears fish … but a fisherman reaps same …. The fish-farmer keeps fish within his space but the fisherman goes to natural water bodies to harvest – fortunately what he never sowed or nurtured.

The fish-farmer takes care of the fish in his custody while God ‘takes’ care of the fish of the fisherman. The fish-farmer domesticates his resources but the fisherman goes to the wild to earn a living.

Biblical Jacob could be likened to a fish farmer in that he kept his flock within his space and Esau’s exploits as a hunter connote the experience of the fisherman – wild.

The fish-farmer has express access to his fish but the fisherman has to go to the river to access same.

The wild is exposed to the elements but fish pond isn’t. The fish-farmer has to nurture, feed his fish and that’s bills (intrinsic bills) but the fisherman doesn’t – all he needs do is get his tools, go to the river and reap.

But he could go and not enjoy good harvest after all he competes with many other fishermen as well as many other variables. The fish-farmer doesn’t contend with this but his farms could be attacked by thieves.

Each experiment, experience has its upsides and downsides and as a prospective fish-farmer do your research and know the details before starting.


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