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Creating Jobs in Many Folds.

Abandoned filling stations, buildings … are resources lying fallow. (credit: social media)

Nigeria is blessed with abundant crude oil and that’s money hiding and many will tap into God’s blessings to make their money. South Africa is blessed with mineral resources and so many of their moneybags are into mining.

As a Nigerian (maybe African or whoever)  thinking of establishing oil and gas business it’s advisable to sit and research and lots of facts and figures will emerge, thanks to your feasibility study.

It’s advisable to buy old filling stations and renovate instead of acquiring land and starting from the scratch. The advantages are many:

You’re decongesting while also embarking on similar venture and you’re also empowering someone – more like giving such options via your own resources and such could use the resources to invest, revamp an old business or start another; not to talk of loans to family and friends.

See this venture this way:

I’m a businessman, now I’ve got my money but someone’s money is lying fallow in the gas station and instead of building another and congesting the whole place, let me buy this and refurbish and that’s win-win for both of us and the spin-off could be wonderful if (s)he’ smart.”

The resources that enters into the account of the old owner could mean business and jobs for others. He could set up his wife maybe husband or children in business; start another business and that’s jobs and jobs for others … which is jobs and jobs and the multiplier effect goes on.

A jobless housewife gets loan from her husband to start her own business and in few years she becomes independent … that’s less burden on her hubby and as a result he now has the capacity to invest in his son’s business; in addition to that his wife could grant loans to her friend, cousin or younger sibling, don’t forget she’s also an employer of labour …. can you see and feel me?

That’s why people who steal public funds and hide the resources are enemies of the nation in many folds including those who steal and stash in foreign lands, banks.

You’re causing (further) unemployment in a land bedeviled with poverty, jobs scarcity triggering illiteracy, insecurity and more poverty and ironically you’re creating jobs for those who are not in dire need of same.

Stealing public funds is evil; hiding same is disastrous!

Many people can’t access loans from banks, Governments, money-lenders, co-operative societies but family, friends … come to their rescue and there are many businesses, conglomerates today which started with loans … from families.

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