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Love and Peace as Role Models to Nigeria.

Leah Sharibu. (credit: social media)

There are many issues in life that will separate us but only because we fan their embers, in other words they’ve got the potential to divide us but they are not really walls or distance.

Fulani herds men vs Farmers is big issue but as big as it is it can be resolved with little effort though difficult – one positive step in the right direction.

Leaders of herdsmen and farmers are leaders; and should express, exhibit qualities of true leadership. Opinions from members of the two blocs could bring lasting solution to this issue and the farmer or herdsman you feel has got nothing to say may actually have the solution.

Leaders of both sides should form blocs in other words be friends, very close friends, this may take time. No mistrust. No suspicion. 

Let the leaders of the farmers send some of their harvests to the leaders of the herdsmen and even cut straws for their cattle to eat; let the leaders of the herdsmen give cows, milk to the leaders of the farmers and these should be shared amongst all members.

I know that cattle move in front and herdsmen follow and many times these cows stray, damage crops and that’s sweat, pains, and money down the drain. I know how it feels but every situation has it’s solution like the head and tail of a coin.

Slaughtered cows is wasted money, labour, efforts, I understand your plight. Wasted effort, pains and agonies had triggered blood letting BUT that’s not the solution because it may trigger more war, blood shedding ….

The lesson is see resources as resources and humans as humans. If resources go down again Governments should intervene promptly with adequate provision, compensation to stop lives from going down. But being proactive will stop resources from going down and that’s full stop to lives going down.

Security agents are around and on alert.

Being proactive means averting future recurrence by planting love, peace, serenity … all warring sides must be treated fairly, justly. If farmers know they will be adequately compensated they won’t attack herdsmen for destroying their crops and vice versa.

By extension, Leah Sharibu is a Christian and Muslims should see her case as their cause and champion with passion, in fact more than Christians … and endeavour she’s released.

The seeds sowed by that gesture will go a long way believe me. Alhaji Abdullahi Abubakar, the imam that saved many Christians in Plateau State, Nigeria should be celebrated more by Muslims than Christians.

If the right of a Muslim is being abused CAN (Christian Association of Nigeria) should intervene honestly and passionately.

Lives lost are dead humans and secular societies should be sensitive, empathetic, responsive and responsible to the needs of all. That’s love and invite to peace!


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