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‘The Minds in the Eyes of Men.’

Men have eyes that scan women especially their parks and gardens (credit:peacefulsinglegirl)

Men are visual beings and the script we interpret today was probably handed down to us by Adam – when God brought Eve to him in the garden and he subsequently made those legendary lines laced with romance: ‘This is now bone-of-my bone and flesh of my flesh ….’

Logically speaking Adam can’t see Eve’s bones directly but sure he could see her flesh now where were his eyes when he mentioned ‘flesh of my flesh’?

Hips I guess, and there and then Eve knew her weapons were down there, and she began to interpret the script and passed it on to her descendants as well.

I’m sure you’ve lost count of the women exhibiting their parks and gardens in pictures, videos and the like – and members of their gender comment.

And men? Men, they see and gossip beyond social media or wherever.

Adam need to check out his princess and so his eyes must access and his mind assess Eve and consequent upon that Eve possibly began her drama ….

Lesson: don’t crucify your man if he randomly stares at women’s rear, it’s instinctual and it doesn’t mean it’s the beginning of extramarital affairs.

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