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Talking About Prayers.

Faith goes before prayers load; and observing prayers five times a day demands legendary diligence and discipline. (credit: Getty)

Prayer is expression, experience that revolves around the physical and the spiritual; in other words it involves man and God.

It’s communication between terrestrial and celestial beings and words from the physical realm travel miles to cross to the spiritual ….

Prayers are words which carry neither title nor label and by extension, religion, language not even dialect gatecrash. Yes. God who doesn’t discriminate and understands all languages answers all.The distance between heaven and earth is v-e-r-y FAR as it were but it’s actually lesser than the distance between two fingers of the same hand for the distance is micro-minute.

Prayers don’t necessarily demands expertise because the one we are communicating with knows our wants, needs, dreams and desires and that’s why prayers from toddlers and seniors are explicit as far as God is concerned.

Type: prayers could be request or thanksgiving.

Similar Origin, Similar Destination: these prayers come from the bearer, for the bearer and it’s the commonest, and could be seen in the case of Ibrahim, a high school leaver praying for admission to college.

Dissimilar Origin and Destination: there’s intercessory type of prayer where a wife prays for her husband or vice-versa or an employee prays for his employer or the reverse, and many more.

Today is another Friday and Friday means mosques and mosques imply prayers. May God answer our prayers.

Jummah Mubarak to all Muslims.


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