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Trips Round Intimacy (II).

Love laced with fun and laughter grows faster. (credit: social media)

Talking Point:

Many times a woman had fallen in love with you long before you realize this but there’s always this instinctual need to delay, deny, deceive and pretend, thereby stretching you to your limit.

The feelings of desirability is pleasure, sea of pleasure which they savour in the process and many of them say that the person that wants to eat the honey in the rock must disregard the price of the axe.

Patience is one of the essential tools to succeed with women and you must pass this test but you need courage to excel in this department.

Now virtually all women crave courageous, dogged and maverick men – and these are qualities of leaders but when it’s their time to show patience and wait for men’s proposal many see it as 30-year trip.

Jacinta played hard-to-get for 2 years and after 6 months of dating she wants Don to propose; Sandra did similarly for 3 months and after few weeks she feels courtship should begin in earnest.

Waiting for proposal itches and many women scratch with many-inches nail of impatience and sometimes leave good men for bad men, wonderful relationship for horrible.

Behaviours expressed by women while waiting.                              

Honest behaviour:

“Babe, we can’t continue like this you know I’m not getting younger?”

Comment: you didn’t consider this when you were dribbling the young man for 24 months and his sisters, mother, aunt, female friends … were all telling him to leave you but he never did.

Anyway don’t mind his advocates for many of them did similarly to their own husbands back in the day and the unmarried amongst them may likely replicate same in the future.

And the Lies:

“My dad insists I should bring another man home if the one I’m dating is not ready for courtship or marriage.”

“My mum won’t let me have peace of mind at home. She’s always on my neck, always complaining that she got married at 24 and I’m 29 yet unmarried; yet I claim to be dating a lovely man. She often says remove the ‘lovely’ for a lovely man will never keep his sweetheart waiting – for ages!”





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