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Trips Round Intimacy

Love and its expression differ with diverse minds. (credit: social media)

Experience as best teacher.

Many women whose hearts had been broken many times don’t have intimate partners and are not dating until they are engaged. In other words when their partners are in courtship-mode they just entered the dating phase of intimacy. Don’t blame them for it’s a blast from the past.

Rodney feels that his intimacy with Judith started when she no longer sees his calls as crime and the person (Rodney) behind the calls as criminal, and by extension when she sees his missed calls and beeps or calls back.

Rooney felt he had not started dating Jasmine until she reciprocated, in other words until she replies his lines ‘I love you’ with hers “I love you too!”

However a typical woman in a relationship had fallen in love longer than she begins to express these behaviours.

A lady just coming out of a bitter relationship may not play hard-to-get for she wants to get even with her ex, and heal in the process or maybe prove her doubters wrong … but this could backfire big time.

Another might play hard-to-get for ages and bully, torment you because she sees you as another criminal, culprit.

You’re a member of the gender that offended her not too long ago, so you’re not a suspect but culprit and she’s got to have her pound of flesh before she feels relieved and possibly give you a chance. How bad!



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