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Item-7 Dramas of Well-wishers @ Owambe (II).

Owambe is celebration of success with guests, good food, nice drinks and top entertainment (credit: social media)

The loyal foodies: some well-wishers vote for only one type of meal at owambe and dissipate all the energy in them to woo and win their amala or semo, maybe jollof or fried-rice.

If this class of people belong to the school of amala they must woo and win the ebony-beauty otherwise they will cause commotion, fight with ushers and servers and even send their eyes on mission to combat the celebrants who are not too far away.

If after their melodrama, they still can’t access their favourite meals many glow red like embers and then leave the venue of the event; while some go calm like the toddler who finally, bitterly realized he’s been pushed into the college of Boys Who No Longer Drink Milk.

Some of these well-wishers pacify their tummies and minds by visiting ‘Iya Aduni Joint’ for their amala or DPR: ‘Dine with Plates Restaurant’ for their jollof or fried rice.

‘The corrupt guests’: these are ‘two or three-plate well-wishers’. They’ve got eyes that scan the hall for ushers and servers and change seat at will. They are the first to be served and once they ship their food, they change their seat and end up devouring 2, 3 or even 4 plates. Now since these people had stolen public food some guests might suffer the consequences and that’s why some well-wishers never get to enjoy ‘item 7’ and leave disappointingly.

I don’t care guests: these guests eat and pile up their own item 7 before leaving their various homes for owambe, and so they are less concerned about item 7 at events.

Need I say they are as calm as python that just swallowed a sizable meal. Ironically if these guests are the ones that get punished for the excesses of corrupt well-wishers maybe gatecrashers no big deal but many times they get served and they eat half or one-quarter of the contents of their plates.




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