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Our Advice to the Freshest Couples in Town.

Marriage is a journey but you can transform to trip and adventure if you’re sensitive and selfless. (credit: social media)

To the freshest couples in town marriage isn’t a permanent contract but you can choose to make yours one by being one with your intimate and soul-mate.

As a woman don’t feel because you’re now Mrs and bearing, wearing your hubby’s last name you’ve got nothing to fight for anymore.

Many women behave like saints before marriage but after same they change because they believe it’s for better or worse.

The habits, attitudes they had kept in the refrigerator as Miss planning to transform to Mrs they bring out and embrace.

Note: many couples had divorced in the past; some are divorcing and pathetically many more will. Nothing good comes easy in life and you knew the sacrifices you made in college before you finally graduate, therefore do likewise in marriage. Don’t forget it’s an institution too, in fact the oldest in life.

Mr. delete the idea that you can go back to your old ways since your partner is yours for life.

Nothing is permanent in life and that’s applicable to your journey, sojourn in life. Yes we’re all mortal beings so see your marriage has transient but you can make permanent and eternal if you choose to and you do so by working on yourself and marriage.

Your wife is your better-half so treat her like a princess, duchess and queen all ways, always.

Remember marriage is basically for companionship, friendship …. note that your children will impact your society positively or otherwise so bless the world with children better than their parents.

We @ olayemiogunojo.com wish you all conjugal bliss, evergreen friendship and eternal partnership.


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