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Meals as Form of Entertainment.

Cooking and food are anchored on science, skills and arts. (credit: social media)

Apart from church many people, families don’t have further engagement outdoors and so many are indoors and convo, phones, TV keep them company.

But hey meals play big roles and have huge part in Sunday entertainment.

On Saturdays, many people go to work and many also attend events; but Sundays are usually lazy but the chemists (women) in our various homes are usually busy – measuring and mixing stuff together and so many of us salivate and finally lounge for lunch and yes Sunday lunch-packs are usually special.

Women are the centre of our homes; they are teachers, mentors, tutors, instructors, support and love. Their first office is indoors; their second is outdoors. Good and skilled women produce great leaders.

Female children as young as 5 years exhibit and express the need to nurture by attending painstakingly to their dolls; many also start cooking food that nobody could eat and start washing as well – instinct calling!


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