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Men with Cry-Baby Partners.

Tears could be from bliss or bile. (credit: dailyamerican.com)

Many of us run our mouths anyhow and many times we do that because we don’t know the effect and impact of our words on minds and hearts. We don’t because tongue lashing doesn’t usually bring tears to eyes but sensitive people know that hearts actually cry and such tears last longer and hurt much more.

Men who have cry babies as wives, fiancée and are equally sensitive are specialists in measuring words but a word at a time just to avoid war.

These men are editors par excellence and their employers owe them backlog of unpaid salaries and they see words as sacred and treat with utmost respect.

They know that human tongues are double-edged swords and as they access the highway of communication with their partners they see over-speeding as taboo, they say no to over-loading and they drive carefully, expertly.

As JJC in the past, they had crashed their mouths many times and had to beg with tongues and gifts and in some special cases had to call their mothers-in-law to intercede on their behalf but overtime they became skilled and exhibit behaviours of sportsmanlike drivers.

In arguments any misappropriation of words means tears and so the editors in them work overtime.

These unique men also grapple with carryover effect so they don’t gamble in the end. Now because their wives are highly sensitive to words they choose words s-l-o-w-l-y even in times of peace, and if she says, “How do I look?” instead of “You look nice, babe,” they voice, “Most beautiful babe around,” because the former could be misinterpreted.

He said, “I look nice,” why can’t he say ‘Gorgeous’ better still ‘Gorgeous and fabulous,’ does that mean he has a gorgeous woman somewhere and he reserved that for her alone?”

The good news however is that overtime many of these women outgrow these behaviours but the man had been transformed for life and their unpaid salaries translate to diplomacy!

Yes they become diplomats.


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