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Congregants with white handkerchiefs. (credit: social media)

Many Christians are passionate about praying on mountains and in fact mountains are resorts to some. No big deal about praying on mountains even Jesus observed same.

The reason for going on mountains to pray is to avoid distractions – noise, sleep, calls … and if your home is like library you don’t have to travel miles to observe prayers but our homes are comfort zones and the temptations of TV, phones and bed are always there.

Nevertheless you don’t have to burn all your calories before God can answer you – it’s a partnership, a deal. Maybe 50-50 sometimes, many times, or most times. Work and pray.

If you do the needful the need to observe some prayers won’t arise and you won’t pray some prayers.

In many cases however you’ve got to do the needful and back it up with prayers. The needful is your part of the bargain as well as a subtle aspect of prayers (communicating with God) the rest is God.

I don’t have issues with people going to the mountains to pray but I’ll, if you can’t pray until you access a mountain or in case of change of environment you begin to ask for where mountains are located in the neighbourhood in order to pray. Don’t endanger your life with religion!

If your pastor asks you to bring olive oil, soap or white handkerchief to church no big deal but if it becomes TV soap – every week drama, then there’s big deal even Dean the toddler will wonder why you use butter for all your cooking!

Revival was going on in Adura’s church and the evangelist had told them to bring white handkerchief to church the following evening but Adura forgot until she accessed the church premises and started seeing fellow congregants with the items. She quickly left church for stores close by but couldn’t get white handkerchief.

She visited about 10 stores yet it was same story, but hurray she finally found one and as she came out of the store it ‘became’ cream-coloured handkerchief and so she had to take a bike from Mafoluku to Oshodi market.

She paid m-o-n-e-y to the bike man because the man doesn’t ply the axis, he doesn’t go near Oshodi-Apapa Expressway, he operates within Mafoluku and makes his money.

Adura’s car was in the church premises o. As she was entering a shop at Oshodi, a customer had just bought the last stock and was about 10 metres away so Adura pursued.

She called after her and the customer waited and as she was walking briskly toward her and possibly give her #500 and plead with her to release the handkerchief because she needed white handkerchief … but before she got to her, the buyer felt ‘butter’ was welling in her nose and obstructing her breath and voice and so she blew her nose and butter jumped into the white handkerchief and white said hello to yellow.

Adura saw the drama and her head went gaga even Lady Gaga will wonder why Adura was bent and say haha!

The elephant’s baby had ran to her mum and so what next? The lion must turn back!

Adura turned back but the buyer didn’t understand why and sent hot words after her, “Why did you call me and keep me waiting when you know that you don’t know what you want?”

And hiss bigger than trees from the mouth of the buyer, came running into Adura’s ear and puncturing her heart in the process but she wasn’t tired. What a passion.

Adura combed another shop and another yet no white handkerchief and as she was going back to church she saw a girl with a tray delicately placed on her head and all the items were white handkerchiefs.

That was 1 hour after Adura had left her church and she got to church 30 minutes behind schedule.

She smiled, bought same and told the girl to keep the change, after all the balance was no big deal to her.

Adura picked another bike, use money as bait and paid exorbitantly. She finally arrived the church premises but lo and behold she saw fellow congregants exiting the facility and brandishing their white blessings.

Who’s to blame? Adura of course!

Now if Adura had entered the church and the evangelist had sent her back I’ll have issue with him same with many people including clerics ….

Anticlimax – did you know the evangelist could be disappointed over Adura’s drama, better still melodrama?

“Oh you need not bother yourself, God is in your heart and white handkerchief is just a tool not God. Even if you don’t have one God will still bless you! Jesus spit on the sand, made clay out of it and anointed the eyes of the blind man and told him to go wash in the Pool of Siloam, that was in that context in another it was different. He needed tools in the circumstance. Hey understand your Bible!”

Lobatan part II.

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Blessed Sunday to you all.


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