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‘Workout and Calories Across Socioeconomic Divides’.

Keeping fit is smart business. (credit: social media)

Demographics of Joggers:

Middle and upper class members are joggers and in choice neighbourhoods you see them early in the morning.

I see many men, women even couples jogging together in Bodija and UI, Ibadan don’t forget academics have lodge – staff quarters which are on university campuses.

Senior citizens stroll or do brisk-walking, while youths generally jog while some couples observe an admixture of jogging and brisk-walking.

Inhabitants of other neighbourhoods ideally don’t jog except sports enthusiasts but many actually do their ‘jogging’ in the course of the day.

Their work doesn’t confine them to desk 24/7 so they burn their own calories. Where upper and middle class members have domestic staff who do their chores, lower socioeconomic class observes same by themselves and so they burn calories while at it.

While executing their jobs, middle and upper class demographics sit behind the desk virtually all day long, coupled with the fact that most expensive meals are usually the ones garnished with fat and hence laced with calories and so they need to burn the extra calories and that’s 50-50.


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