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Relationships upload rivals same way businesses archive competitors.  (credit: Istock/EXTREME-PHOTOGRAPHER)

Regardless of the fact that men are more than women in Nigeria or the world over, the bitter truth is some men will still have 2, 3, 4 or more wives.

In addition to that some will have a legitimate wife, as well as baby mamas and many more who don’t have the title ‘baby mama’ attached to their profile will still have mistresses.

We men are like that but we can change for the better.Now as women advance in age the traits of playing hard-to-get typically depreciate and wane and men win in the end BUT in some cases the lady that refused to be girlfriend years back finally settles for the title ‘mistress’ and then graduate to baby mama.

Some wives face reality headlong and accept their fate and hubbies the way they are and sometimes voice, “Darling, what you don’t know doesn’t hurt you … I know you play away games but I don’t know, because I never caught you red-handed … What am I saying? Respect me and your family enough to maintain status quo. DON’T bring a child outside of your marriage to me and so no baby mama(s) and no STIs so ALWAYS use contraceptives”.


Ironically women who accept their men the way they are and say this deserve very loyal partners. In other words this attitude should motivate and inspire their hubbies to quit extramarital affairs but because we take understanding people for granted the leopard spot in such husbands will see the ‘endorsement’ as sports and hence they peak their games; nonetheless some men actually change.

Some women by virtue of their backgrounds accept their men’s infidelity because their mums grappled with same and it’s been ingrained in them from the cradle that ‘All men are promiscuous and unfaithful’.

But the woman whose dad was 100% faithful to her mum may find it difficult to cope; and many cope by divorcing their partners, and yes many later regret their actions because they were unfortunate to go from frying pan to fire.

As a woman take good care of your hubby; don’t listen to negative advice from friends and colleagues. Many of them instruct you with the motivation to appear smart and be perceived as a no nonsense person.

Your marriage could be lovelier than theirs you know, so be cautious. Be your partner’s love, best friend, soul-mate, bed mate, cook, confidant, companion ….

In rounding off it’s lawful, lovely, godly to stay loyal and remain faithful to your partner.



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