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‘As Mobile as Life.’

Wheelchair-accessible facilities x-ray empathy. (credit: newmobility.com)

Animate and inanimate things move in life; after all life is premised on motion and locomotion is obeying the laws of nature.

Wind blows, rain falls; the earth moves round the sun; songs of birds, chit-chat on phone, sounds of saxophone, ocean tides … are all forms of movements: motions. Even the legendary statement from God ‘Let there be light …’ was words in motion.

Wheel Chair-Accessible Facilities.

Because we must move in life devices that ensure, insure movements are crucial to life. People use wheel-chairs as devices to aid or enhance movement; either because of a physical challenge or the need to conserve energy due to illness or advanced age and so on.

Therefore patients in medical facilities, convalescents, those born with congenital challenges, very senior citizens, physically-challenged even pregnant women use the device.

Many use on a transient basis while some use long-term or maybe on a permanent basis, but breakthrough in medical science someday could change the demographics of users.

Nevertheless whether science or spiritual, some people had received their miracles and many more will. After all, God is the confluence of science and spiritual. He’s the former as well as the latter and both simultaneously.

Many senior citizens the world over have passion for God and church and so many attend church regularly, not to forget those recuperating and those who crave the touch of God in their lives. Therefore churches, mosques, movies … should have wheel-chair accessible sections for people with special needs.

There are two types of healing – the first is seeing the positive sides of your challenges which translate to self-acceptance, self-love and gratitude.

And the second is the physical healing but many times the first supersedes the second because the nickname of life is ‘challenges’ which none has immunity against. Even those who don’t need physical wheel-chair need mobility in their academics, finances, marriage, career ….

Lack or loss of job is a challenge same as lack of money.

Love issues – domestic violence, separation, divorce are challenges.

Illness, illiteracy, sexual dysfunction, frigidity, infertility, insolvency, unintended pregnancy, electoral loss … are all challenges.

Therefore sexual, financial, mental or physical challenges are not the only issues in life, so learn to live with what you can’t change but in acceptance lies all solutions – tangible or intangible, visible or invisible, real or perceived!

Blessed Sunday to you all.


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