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When Love Goes Sour.

The groom is the one who decides to weather the storm of love and life. (credit: social media)

Whatever mode, women had been engineered to successfully manage stress and many times they channel their stress and issues to their social support. Don’t forget a problem shared is half solved.

Women nurture – and stress associated with period, pregnancy, babies … upload enough stress so providence played an empathetic role in wiring them to adapt and cope better.

I guess men commit more suicide from heartbreaks than women in that they tend to repress issues rather than express same and the media is awash with such stories.

Now if one woman disappoints you why see suicide maybe suicide-cum-homicide as solutions to your pressures?

Don’t send your body 6 feet down; spare hers as well. Many disappointments in love and life archive plenty blessings but if you sell your soul how will you enjoy the blessings inherent?

Don’t lose the battle and the war.

The Inhumanity in Suicide:

Remember one woman accommodated you for 9 months and breastfed you for several months. Hey don’t forget labour room is like a hangman’s noose.

Your mum nurtured, tutored, mentored you through thick and thin till you eventually became a man. Your happiness was her joy; your success her achievements. She was your No. 1 fan, most loyal friend; little wonder you relayed your stress, success and secrets to her. And yes she was your shoulder, assurance, joy and insurance.

When you had issues with your dad she was your intercessor; when you had issues in life she was your prayer warrior.

Remember the cold war between you and your siblings was resolved by her; she prevented many more from exploding and finally bridged your hearts.

She supported you in your academics, business maybe career, she dried your tears; gave you her shoulder to cry, lean on. When people talk ill of you, she was your advocate; your comfort, confidant and companion. Your mama was your mouthpiece when you were absent; your fireplace when life introduced winter into your life.

She lost weight when you took ill, sobbed when your admission to college was denied, she’s anxious about your delayed marriage …

Remember when you misappropriated your school fees for good or bad and went back to daddy but he refused and even threatened you but your mum came to your rescue.

She was cash-trapped so she begged on your behalf yet daddy remained adamant, she tried to borrow money from friends to no avail, attempted to steal from daddy and failed and eventually resorted to ‘sex strike’ to champion your cause. Your dad was also understanding and never sought pleasure outside and so he finally released the money.

All these may not be peculiar to you and your mum but some or many are, so why make her cry again?

The lady probably didn’t know you before you became a man but your mum had invested her time, life, all her life (far more than resources) on you, so why destroy her investments over her little sister (a member of her gender)

When a man kills himself over a woman the first thing that jumps into all minds is big fool even before deep thinkers begin to ruminate through the wilderness and darkness.

Smart people learn from the lessons of others and peradventure I’m communicating with someone now thinking of suicide because a woman said she was no longer walking the path of love with you please pause and breathe.

A woman just broke your heart, meet another to suture so your future could be preserved.

I believe you’re blessed with a sweet mum so meet your mum face-to-face and have a heart-to-heart talk with her; if she’s far away pick your phone and call her. Contexts differ and if your mum is no more then meet another caring woman, maybe your aunt, grandma, sister ….

Fathers especially responsible fathers do a lot in the life of their children as well but their roles can’t be compared to that of awesome mothers.

Above all you need to see a therapist but most people don’t wake up one morning and visit specialists but family and friends usually advise, instruct or take them to medical facilities … for professional help.





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