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Wealth vs Poverty (Olowolagba vs. Fowowonu) II

Risk is the missing link between riches and wealth. (credit: social media) 

A rich man Olowolagba Olowolabi Olowookere’s phone was swapped with that of a pauper, Fowowonu Osiyale which implies that the credit and data in the mobile phones of both users had been swapped as well.

‘Crazy credit’ profiles the airtime and data of Olowolagba Olowookere which was no longer his and ‘debt’ defines the status of Fowowonu before owners change.

Olowookere found himself in huge mess but he wasn’t just rich because he had or made money; he made money because he had a rich mind. Debt was a challenge and he knew this but was determined to upset events.

He picked his phone at once to call his wife but quickly punctuated the call. Olowookere knew that wealth and poverty are opposites. Wealth is exploits, experience and expression, as well as behaviours, and sure poverty has its allies too.

Where wealth is industry; poverty is indolence; where wealth is creativity and smartness; poverty is rust, idleness, ignorance, and arrogance at times.

It’s expressly easy for a rich man to be humble after all his wealth is automatic pride and arrogance but poverty has no such traits so it tries to be proud to compensate for its weakness.

In the light of this, Olowookere opened the inbox and later access the outbox of Fowowonu to research some things and he discovered many things.

Fowowonu was fairly educated but lazy and always absconding from jobs but expressly, seamlessly ready to blame all, save himself.

One of the contacts of Fowowonu (saved as Chief BD) wanted him to learn and master piggery but he said the job was too dirty for him.

BD at another time got him a driving-job but after 3 months Fowowonu left unceremoniously. BD later advised him to go learn how to repair radio and TV but Fowowonu rejected the idea on the grounds that his great grandfather had died of electrocution while repairing his own TV.

Someone with 080 … (whose mobile no had been deleted) sent Fowowonu #5000 worth of credit which the latter left to lie fallow. Some months back the sender had called Fowowonu ‘lazy idiot,’ and he did because he appeared at a 9am-interview at 12.45pm.

Fowowonu had not forgiven the man nor forgotten the issue so he sent him a text message telling him to take back his airtime because his (Fowowonu’s) finger was too lazy and his mind idiotic to type the numbers on his phone.

Fowowonu would have used the credit days later if he knew the sender didn’t use. He felt he was miserly so Fowowonu never bothered himself again, and true many struggling people seamlessly label comfortable or rich people miser.

Olowookere felt the man may not have taken back his credit and so he typed the numbers and lo and behold the numbers became credit. And immediately his debt was settled and he had more than #3,500:00 worth of airtime left.

And Olowookere began to network and market in earnest.

He cashed in on Fowowonu’s contacts though not phenomenal, he made good use of same and consolidated on earlier exploits, efforts to execute some deals and in no time his temporary rags became robes; don’t forget he was initially a robe and he moved from rags back to robes.

In conclusion, it’s a life of contexts so don’t label your dad, maybe fiancé or fiancée perhaps in-law or cousin ‘lazy,’ except of course you know him or her very well.

Don’t say all rich people who became poor are spendthrifts and all rich people who became richer have rich minds.

If you became a millionaire at 18 appreciate God but don’t label those who are still struggling at 81 as lazy or foolish.

We seamlessly blame others without coming near their shoes, let alone wearing and knowing where it pinches.

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