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Consequences of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace.

Sexual harassment affects minds and performance. (credit: social media)

Sexual harassment many times reduces performance in the workplace and when performance drops, productivity falls.

The most coming version of sexual harassment in the workplace is that where the man is the perpetrator and the woman the victim.

But the reverse is also true and if Portiphar’s wife in the Holy Book could harass Joseph a v-e-r-y long time ago when the world wasn’t civilized what should we expect now?

Because the bully is preoccupied with thoughts of his victim and planning how to execute his next moves (harassment) he works less and because the victim is under threat – stress will impede her performance and a combo of both means jobs are left undone, deadlines are unmet; sales drop ….

The most pathetic thing however is that it could be the supervisor or manager or an innocent person in the team that will bear the consequences of low productivity and sales and so on.

The issues of stress, sack, panic attacks, lack of sleep, lateness to work, delayed or unpaid salary … all come into play, affecting not just individuals involved but their team as well families at home.

Time is wasted, resources lost and pathetically the self-esteem, health, life of one or more people could be at risk.

Many times the victims are victimized in many folds because the perpetrator is usually a senior colleague, sometimes manager, at times the overall boss and if the victim stands her ground (s)he might get sacked in the end, implicated or even jailed.

Biblical Joseph wasn’t only sacked but imprisoned as well and that was a threat to his life. Sexual harassment affects brands massively.

Office romance affects business; sexual harassment is worse-off and the earlier management and staff resolve the issues the better.

Sexual harassment cuts across gender and socioeconomic class (credit: thinkstock)


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