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‘Sleeping Your Thoughts.’

Dreams many times are extension of wholesome thoughts and feelings and nightmares are the opposite.  (credit: shutterstock.com)

Sometimes when you wake up in the morning you feel so refreshed and ‘you’re happy before you’re happy’. The last thought in your mind before you went to bed was probably sweet and pleasant.

The thoughts in Tanya’s mind on the night she got engaged–

Now that I’m finally engaged I’m no more a girl, not even a lady but a woman and I’ve received my admission letter to the college of couples’.

Thoughts grow in our minds as seeds do in the soil and so the information evolve and even divides into many subconscious parts:

‘I’m successful. My marriage is on the way; my children are coming; I’ll soon be a wife and automatically the mum to a grown-up man and I’ll later have my own kids through him and become a second and this time a real mum, I’ll have ‘stone of I do’ on my fingers, like my mum and show the whole world my title, status and success!’

You can see that the information had evolved and taken firm roots and the good news is that the good news keeps spreading through her whole being … she eventually falls asleep while swimming in the sea of self-love, bliss and sweet feelings.

She went to bed in bliss, she’ll wake feeling bliss and then blissful and the first thought that might appear in her mind is, ‘Why am I unusually cool and relaxed and happy this morning?’ and then the information she took to bed last night might say ‘hello Tanya,’ and usher in more bliss.

That’s why it’s awesomely and wholesomely good for couples to resolve their issues before going to bed each night.

I can use my model of the human mind to explain some phenomena but the scope is beyond here.

Someone who wakes up happy may likely go through the whole day feeling good, happy, loved. A blessed spouse is a blessing to his or her partner; a blessed employer will infect his employees with blessings.

The first thought that tiptoed through your mind this morning was probably the last thought that scaled the fence into your mind last night.

Have a beautiful, blissful day ahead.


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