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Impacts and Effects of Text Messages (SMS Version).

The early bird catches the worm and text messages which catch their recipients in bed usually have profound effect. (credit: Dual Stock)

Words – verbal or texts convey messages, feelings which affect the recipient’s mood, plans, feelings ….

If the text is packaged and parceled in phones it becomes SMS, whose contents could be formal paraphrased business-related; and informal: better still love, family and intimacy.Whatever the context or content it’s a feedback and update. SMSs are the closest text messages  to us and often carry wholesome or noisome energy.

Every brand new day starts at 12:00am but most people are in bed when the baby crawls out of the womb in the labour-room. Therefore early ‘text messages’ to express and extend love to the birthday girl, anniversary-couple … could join the queue and wait till morning. Sometimes they wake up the poor man and/or woman and usually seen as disturbance.

Now in order to beat that many well-wishers become the ‘early bird’ by sending their SMS early in the morning to possibly catch the celebrant in bed and smiles in bed are wedding gifts few months after wedding.

Feed the hearts of your significant others with love and fill your home with life.


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