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Month: October 2018

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Bedtime Café (Combating Heat)

Combating heat with peace and simultaneously observing his night’s rest in a bathtub full of water. Across Nigeria the rains are gradually tendering their resignation letters and I believe those © northern Nigeria have started and the bug may soon…

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Inspiration from Make-believe.

Employers like teachers cherish good products. (Credit: Getty Images) It’s a world of inspiration and inspiration could come from anywhere so open your mind. Be alert. Be alive and active to connect. I know someone who had a reason not…

Entertainment and more

Pearlvisious Feeeeelings (Bimbo Oshin Mode).

Poise your gait and peak your brand. (credit: social media) Versatile actress-cum-filmmaker Bimbo Oshin proudly expressing Pearlvisious Feeeeelings.

Entertainment and more

Pearlvisious Feeeeelings (Tope Oshin Mode).

Nigerain multi-talented filmmaker Tope Oshin. (Restless Talent) Tope Oshin is well-read; an epitome of beauty and brains. And she’s gladly expressing Pearlvisious Feeeeelings!


Jobless vs. Job applicants (Lasisi vs Lamidi)

Sleep and lazy people are companions. If you’re jobless you’re helpless and possibly hopeless; but if you are a job applicant you’re scouting for jobs, seeking skills, preparing for jobs and interestingly, business. Lamidi vs. Lasisi.


Breakfast Palaver

It’s 11:58am in Dubai and morning tea is still trending. credit: social media) Drama at the breakfast table at various homes: Mohammed’s buddy came around and asks, “Are you eating breakfast?” he answers, “No it’s dinner!” Wande’s father-in-law inquires, “Is…

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Guilty of Domestic Violence.

Love is peaceful but it could come in form of violence at times. (credit: shutterstock) What a violent man. Oh my God this man, Chinese I guess was too malicious, atrocious … see the way he attacked a human, woman!…

Entertainment and more

Products. Adverts. And Customers.

Outside confidence stems from inside. (credit: social media) Businesses are anchored on products or services or both and most times they gift their customers what they desire or take away what they detest leaving behind comfort, bliss and peace. Period…

Entertainment and more Relationships

Seniors on the Spotlight.

Seniors are special demographics with their own traits and attributes. (credit: Shutterstock) When a senior citizen is on phone and “Sir, yes sir, sir? …” keep dropping from his mouth, these automatically pull your ears and push your mind and…

Entertainment and more

Skills as Upgrade and Update.

Fashion is broad just as designers. (credit: tumblr.com) The difference between first degree, second and third degree holders is the level, depth of instructions they are exposed to but no one is forbidden from seeking more skills, so update! If…

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