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Dad’s Intimate Instructions to His Son.

Instructions that don’t make sense today could sell big sense tomorrow. (credit: social media)

Whether happily-married, never married or divorced, dads had passed through the path of love and many times their instructions come expressly from experience, though sometimes they may seem unrealistic.

Yes what with hormones flooding your blood and making you drunk and the urge to catch her before anyone else.

Dave’s dad had told him not to rush things with his new catch Veronica but he felt his dad was old school and had expired in love but still doing packaging around town.

Let’s access his epistle:

Son, the early bird catches the worm in life but many times NOT in love so take your time and study her because everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

If she flies better than a jet with, “Hello, I called to say hi and see how you’re doing ….” then send your hello and call to the hangman’s noose!

So what am I saying? If she’s the type that keeps running with little affection from you then ‘forget her.’

Don’t ask of her birthday but if you had done that forget it; don’t care about her, call her once in a while just to let her feel you’re fine being her ‘5000-mile friend’ with no emotions attached. By so doing you’re tempting her to attack you with response, love and affection.

The more she feels she’s not important to you the more she feels you’re very important and the more her subconscious clue her on the fact that you’ve got someone better and the tendency for her to be forthcoming.

And who says you won’t … after all you’re delaying love and so denial isn’t far away! Remember procrastination is the thief of love.

The more you pursue an ideal woman the more she keeps running and ends up becoming Usain Bolt for you but toddler for another. You don’t want that right!

Hey Dave you don’t have to tell me before I know that you and Veronica are no longer chatting let alone dating! You rushed her too much and she ran to ‘Russia’ and began to speak Russian language, a special language in love which means ‘Rush not; Pull not otherwise you end up being pushed away.’  .

I told you but you won’t listen! Sometimes men who don’t have money but have ‘time’ have an edge over those who do but don’t have time to waste and so the haste eventually make waste!

Need I say a promiscuous woman might keep running from you if you keep pursuing her and a very reserved woman could pursue you if you pause and pull back.

Register my words in your minds. We’ll talk more!


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