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Dreams, Desires and Expectations.

American model, actress and TV personality Kenya Moore (47) with Cynthia Bailey cradling her baby. (Instagram)

Whether you’re Dean, Ego or Diego you’ve got dreams, desires as well as expectations and the bridge that connects our ideal self to real self is fulfilled dreams.

When you add ‘more’ to Kenya you transform it from developing country to advanced economy.

The ‘more’ Kenya Moore is waiting for is to transform from being a lady with baby bump to a proud mum, and that’s turning one to two – mother and child!

What is the ‘more’ you desire in your life?

The joy of Carlos is job to join the league of working class.

Nicolas, businessman and investor has a partner in life but wanted another in love.

Dekola wants to be the Student Union President of his institution

Stella is praying and hoping she finally secures admission to journalism school.

Aspire knew he wouldn’t win the presidential primary of his party much less the presidential elections but left his party for another so as to be the party’s presidential candidate and all he wanted was to have ‘Presidential Aspirant’ attached to his name.

“Mr. Aspire, prolific investor and former Presidential Aspirant of ‘Justice & Fairness Party’ had finally gone back to his first love – agriculture. He just acquired many hectares of land to start his mechanized farming majoring in cocoa and kolanut, as well as float his agro allied industry.”

The ‘more’ topping the dreams of ‘Zapper the rapper’ is to win his first Grammys.

The ‘more’ Ife desires is to move from dating to courtship.

The Deputy Governor wants to be the next Governor after his boss had served his two-term and that’s the ‘more’ he’s pursuing.

Hey this man doesn’t like his wife boarding cabs, buses and the ‘more’ Molade wants is to buy a posh car for his wife on her birthday.

The little ‘more’ Blessed desires is to repair the charging point of her pricey phone

The big ‘more’ Blessing is dreaming of is to upgrade her car to 2018 model of the same brand.

What ‘more’ do you desire this coming week? Do you deserve it? If yes then demand it!

Happy Sunday!


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