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Liverpool vs Man City.

Liverpool vs Man City: the biggest game of the weekend. (credit: Getty)

The Reds are usually relaxed when combating the Citizens; they sit back at first, soak, suck their pressure and cash in on any loophole to wreck havoc on their opponent’s defense. 

The Citizens are attack-minded by nature and so they go blazing at their opponents (Liverpool in this context) and any flop means password for the Reds to access their net.

The best attacking squad for Liverpool’s defense is owned by Liverpool itself, how ironic! And how can the Citizens replicate this?

The Reds need pace to subdue the midfield and defense of Man City and incidentally pace is one of their strengths and skills.

If Sane’s confidence peaks that’s good news for City but if it ebbs the Citizens should  anchor and power their attacks from Raheem Sterling’s part of the pitch and use Sane’s flank to refresh and reinforce their attacks.

Sane needs to mature, evolve to solve the riddles of  Liverpool right-back Arnold. The Citizens like using long aerial passes against Liverpool but many times their defense contain their subsequent attacks and so the aerial passes are not usually fruitful. Will it work today? Time will tell!

The Reds should grab confidence and grasp competence and harness their patience with diligence to subdue the Citizens.

I see a very entertaining and explosive game; the Reds are a bit weary but Man City are like their coffee. They stimulate and motivate the Reds to no limit and so they perform extraordinarily but will it be different today? Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Unforeseen and unforeseeable variables may impact the game.

Overall I see an unpredictable game!



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