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Misguided Perceptions of Feminism. (II)

Helping hand from hubby to wife.

Case Study II

A particular factory is renowned for employing high school leavers by hand-picking them at the entrance of their gate.

The company’s personnel manager knew that job applicants were many around June-July in that many had just graduated from high school and needed jobs and as early as 5:30am the vicinity is crowded.

And so they come out and pick at sight. Because of unprecedented crowd at the gate for some days on end the staff in charge of recruitment (in supervisory capacity) decided to pick at 5:15am.

And lo and behold they saw a lady amongst the crowd and the supervisor was taken aback. He therefore asked if she came with her male friend but she said no. “I came alone sir!”

“Are you not a female?” the supervisor inquired.

“Yes sir, at least you can see sir. But why are you asking me? Do I look like ….”

“First time of seeing a lady here at this time. Though we employ females it’s 1:7 but most of them show up at 7:00am upward! So I’m surprised!” the supervisor submitted.

“They are boys, I’m a girl but we both have brains!”

“That’s not what I’m saying. They are males you’re female and the difference is the ‘fi’ so fi’le for boys (don’t compete with boys). Don’t put your life at risk by comparing yourself with them. This is an industrial area and the nearest residential buildings to this place will take minimum of 15 minute walk to reach here and you’re not likely to be staying there. So for you to be here at 5:15am you must have left home at worst 5:00am but who says you didn’t leave home at 4:30am?”

“Thank you sir. I needed the job badly and I decided to take a risk!”

“The risk was too risky! Even boys who come here are friends and come in groups and many if not most live close by!”

“You’ll get the job!”

“Thank you sir!”

“Factory is machines and machines have fangs and so you need grit, strength and endurance to work the machines. Though we kit our workers with safety wears and gadgets, it’s a taboo to sleep off after all machines don’t and they show no mercy. No sympathy. No empathy. To this end females do the packing and sealing!”

“Alright sir!”

“Don’t express the attitude ‘what a man can do a woman can do better here o! Men are stronger and have external endurance so behave!”

“Thank you sir!”

@ image: feelings of women, accessible from the image

He’s at home today and possibly trying to bribe her …

Another cognition:

See this sissy crushing on his wife like teenager; you better go to work or seek job if you’re jobless!”

The first or second or similar cognition may likely gatecrash and speed through the minds of many (maybe most) female bystanders not exempting core-feminists.

Some African women might feel

“This woman had cooked her hubby wella and the vegetable is working on him like remote-control!”

What we’re saying in a nutshell is that members of both genders have their diverse and unique roles in their home and family but of course helping hands are appreciated.

In conclusion, there are tomboys in life but majority are not so know your limit as a woman and don’t put your life on the line with unhealthy rivalry!

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