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Misguided Perceptions of Feminism.

Shopping and smiling. (credit: Getty)

Feminism to me is championing the cause of women, to advance the female species, protect their interests, preserve their uniqueness, insure as well as secure their femininity and identity.

Now part of the cause is fighting for the rights of women from the angle of subjugation and marginalization.

If the meaning of feminism to you is about equality then the cause had been lost before the war begins.

Feminism isn’t about equality but equity because the male and female gender don’t compete but actually complement. Duet not duel.

Now let’s see some misguided idea of feminism.

Hernandez was coming from church and was accosted by Alice, a member of the female species. She walked quickly to catch up with him and she finally did, and then did the unthinkable,

“Hi handsome, nice to meet you, I’m Alice but call me Angel. I’m a smart feminist and smart women are go-getters. They know what they want and pursue. I like you and I want us to be friends but if I don’t avail myself of the opportunity by approaching you now we may never meet again. Would you be kind enough to release your mobile contacts?”

@ image:

Many grocery-shopping women will wonder where the wife, girlfriend or fiancée of the man was and by extension many more will express warmth toward such men, whether he’s buying pepper and tomato in the conventional market or ketchup in the supermarket.

These highlight the fact that grocery-shopping is the traditional role of women and instinct will come calling anytime women access such men and they tend to be nice and accommodating to such men.



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