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The Secret Dialogue.

Love is life and peace.

TD means ‘The Devil’ and TDD: ‘The Devil’s Deputy.’

TDD: (smiling) Boss we’ve won the war on religious differences and there’s no way people won’t continue to wage war on themselves based on religion so let’s try and see if we can trigger war based on gender differences – males vs. females!

TD: (smirking and tittering) My boy, you’re still a boy and a ball in the legs of life! There’s no way we can achieve that. Every male is surrounded by females – wife, mother, sister, niece, in-laws, friends, colleagues … so it’s not possible!

TDD: Impossible isn’t in my vocabulary; in fact I never saw it in your dictionary! Impossible

TD: Impossible is Impossible. Some things are impossible in life except we want to deceive ourselves! And this one is one of them! Let me hit the nail on the head. God had won this war before you could ever think of it. Love and sex are two variables we can’t manipulate! We trigger blood-shedding; blood-letting because of hate but no war in love matter-of-factly love breeds and brews peace. Aside love, sex also binds them together.

TDD: I still believe we can trigger war based on this.

TD: Domestic violence, separation and divorce between couples is within families and it can’t mutate or escalate to the level where members of both gender embark on blood shedding and letting on a large scale. Only cold war. ‘One flesh’ is stronger than you could ever imagine. Man and woman connect; the woman collects his seed and process … gives birth to a child – male or female NOT just females; in fact males are more than females in the world …. Why didn’t mosquitoes transmit HIV? Why can’t we catch HIV in the air? …. Let’s stay focused and consolidate on what we have otherwise if we let their eyes open and they know the truth about religion we’ll lose on both fronts and that will be disastrous! Be a smart marketer!

TDD: Boss I still believe it’s possible.

TD: I’m your BOSS so OBEY me! If you pursue jet with bicycle you’ll miss the jet and lose your way.

TDD: Alright sir!

Sex is difficult in misunderstandings but seamlessly easy in peace and peace is procreation. (image credits: social media)

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