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Wallpapers (WP) vs. Display Pictures (DP)

We change WPs and DPs based on our moods and feelings. (credit: Video Blocks)

Wallpapers are images – logos of businesses, cities, concepts, themes, pictures of our significant others, celebs … which we use as backgrounds on our phones, laptops, desktops and the like.

The pictures here are usually offline and so their reach is minimal, limited and of less effect and many of us don’t think twice before we use any picture as WP.

DPs are images which could be that of our loved-ones: family, friends, favourite celebs, cities and even die-hard fans. They are displayed online so they have wider, stronger reach.

WPs whisper where DPs scream; and many times WPs reflect our true personality, reality, status, status quo as regards the fantasy peculiar to DPs and social media.

Paulinho offloaded his fiancée’s image on facebook and uploaded his boss’ image. He’s a JJC on the job; newbie in the corporate world so the alcohol of first-timer on the job and first salary ever is still boozing his head. He’s celebrating 7 days anniversary of joining the league of working class.

Madam Jejelola a fabric merchant has the picture (DP) of actress Abiola Atanda (aka Madam Kofo) with the melodrama of her skyscraper headgear on full display. That’s marketing and Madam Jejelola is a fabric merchant.

Paulina’s WP is that of the young man trying to woo, win and date her but her DPs on her favourite social media accounts showcase her best friend and her pet-dog, poodle. She knows the implications if she does the reverse.

Mellanby has 5 girlfriends so he never attempted (on social media) to display any image of his intimates but that of his favourite football club but on a good day his wallpaper highlights Denise, the one that’s likely to be his fiancée but anytime any of his other girlfriends are coming he replaces with the lady in question.

Pieters is a ladies’ man and never approves or disapproves any of his girlfriends and so he could use any as WPs and DPs. It’s a case of money vs. body in that many of his girlfriends are after his money and he’s after their bodies.

Two landladies in combat:

Kola uploaded his mum’s image (DP) on social media in January and removed in April when she hurt him and immediately replaced with his girlfriend’s.

He took off the latter’s image in May when she offended him and it went on and on like that. And again if his mum paste smiles on his face he uploads her image if it’s his girlfriend he replicates and so the one who drops bliss in Kola’s mind comes up as DP on social media.




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