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Nigerian OAP and versatile entertainer Steve Onu aka Yaw (credit: social media)

Radio listeners are divided into two categories – online and offline, though online listeners are not so common in our clime.

Many use three major devices to access their favourite radio stations – phones, conventional radio or car radio.

I guess radio has more male audience than female but phones had automatically increased the number of female listeners as well.

Radio boasts of fans who listen 24/7; some listen only in the morning and some at bedtime, not to forget those who listen in transit – in other words while driving to work in the morning and returning in the evening.

Elections are around the corner in Nigeria and so many who don’t listen to radio on a good day had joined the bandwagon to keep abreast of developments in the polity.

Listeners are diverse and in various places – campuses, homes, offices, hospital ward, garage, markets, shopping mall, stores, workshops, farms, restaurants, car wash facilities, spas, bar … and yes from central business district to interiors of cities as well as suburbs and towns and even villages.

Many people who relocated and still want to hear their favourite programmes and voices may log online to access same, and online listeners cut across gender and demographics, cities and even climes.

Many Nigerians abroad contain their nostalgic feelings by logging online to their favourite radio stations.

Now since radio signals travel beyond the host states to neighbouring cities and towns in other states, and climes for online listeners, their adverts go far.

Adverts on TV and radio are like air but once the programmes end that’s the end of the advert for that day. In comparison print adverts also go far and wide but the adverts never ends and 10 years from now if the magazine or newspaper is still intact the advert goes on.

Some entrepreneurs can testify to the fact that their adverts placed in some print publications still bring in customers 2, 5 or even 10 years later – that’s the magic of print advert though at first it may not go very far and the fact that people have to put their hands in their pockets to source print publications also limit their reach – nonetheless some publications are actually free but advertisers pay for such.

The purpose of adverts is to trigger maximum publicity and precipitates unrivalled patronage, so quantity and quality matters here – in other words the number of listeners and their purchasing power counts a lot.

Don’t just place your business adverts on radio anyhow. Know your target audience and their favorite programmes on radio then reach out to them via that platform.

Adverts of telecoms on programmes exclusively by hunters for hunters may not have phenomenal effect; diapers on sports programme on radio may not have much effect unlike if it’s placed on a family programme, ‘Mum and Babies.’

The advert of a matchmaking site will resonates more if advertized on a relationship programme on radio. Toiletries, cosmetics, dish-washing liquid, sanitary pads … are round pegs in round holes on gossip, entertainment, beauty and fashion programmes on radio and so on.


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