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Bedtime Café (Beware of Bad Blood).

Happiness is a choice and happy couples chose to be happy. (credit: Love Jays) 

Go to bed each night with bliss and gratitude in your heart, thanking God for another blessed day but for you to be in gratitude mode you need to be conscious of bad blood to contain bad news.

It is the symptom that a patient present to a physician that makes him have an idea of what’s wrong with her but only medical tests will prove if it’s true or not.

It is from the behaviours of people that makes psychologists have an idea of the peace or warfare or a battle between both going on in the minds of clients or everyday people.

Chief. Otunba Kadepelori just won the gubernatorial primary of his political party and was so happy and goes about spreading joy and happiness. He visited a hospital the next day and foot the bills of patients having prison experience in a hospital so they could go home free, no more debts and incarceration.

Months back, the Omoregbes joyfully celebrated 7 years wedding anniversary and not long after the female version took ill and was taken to the hospital … their family physician carried out some tests of which pregnancy was part and the results came out positive.

That’s good news, heaven in the hearts of the Omoregbes so on their way home the couple branched at a restaurant to wine and dine and they gladly foot the bills of all customers.

These people are spreading joy and happiness because there is a sea of bliss in them. Did you know that a bad blood could say, “What are they rejoicing over? 1 child in 7 years when some boast of 4 in 5 years of marriage … just one and they are rejoicing Mr. & Mrs. Go Slow!”

Don’t let bad blood turn you to an ingrate!

Now peradventure you know someone who’s always trying to make you feel bad, sad then such isn’t happy and only trying to spread what’s deep inside him or her which such isn’t talking about.

Being jobless is bad on its own and to add insult on the injuries of people in this class, some bad blood might begin to inject bitter blood into the systems of these hapless but not hopeless people.

Ironically this set of people who claim they are enjoying their lives as working class could be suffering, perhaps they’ve got very mean boss and very slim salary and because they feel bad about themselves they try to make you feel bad, sad about your station.

And poor you, you went ahead to buy their bad news and you became downcast! Let your heart see success long before your mind access.

A lady who’s not happy with the course she’s studying in college may sell or try to sell part of her bitterness to a fellow congregant seeking admission to college.

The man who desired height but nature denied him could have an attitude of trying to make tall men feel bad and bitter about their towering height.  

“It’s bad to be tall and simultaneously have short pocket. That means small car, small house, small phone and every other small thing joined and conjoined. People will drag your height from 6 feet to 0 feet, in fact into and inside the mud!”

The one who’s poor could label every rich man criminal. The female student who feels she’s ugly could make her pretty room-mate detest her beauty.

“Are you calling your beauty beauty? Ah, see this one, watch movies and you will see the beautiful ones that were born before and after you. Yours is 1-star theirs 7-star!”

“Who told you Hassana is beautiful? You’re a JJC that’s not her skin; only someone like me who stays with her can tell you categorically how she looks in real life. All what you’re seeing is maaaaaake-up magic!”

And the hearer now tale-bearer will go to town and publish.

At times it’s envy that makes some people sell bitterness and if you’ve got something such desires but doesn’t have, the deep-seated envy floats many times to sink your good news, joy and self-esteem.

“I can’t work in the bank, NEVER! Bankers are modern-day slaves if you don’t know!” Bala says that in the presence of his landlord’s son who just secure a banking-job; meanwhile Bala won’t mind being the gate-man of any bank that offers him employment! Hmmm!

I don’t know what you might be going through but don’t let people take your stress from 2 to 4 to 8 to 16 to 32 … suicide doesn’t scream it’s silent so beware of what you buy from people.

You’ve got enough stress already so don’t collect more from people!

Believe in God; believe in your brand. Be diligent. Upgrade. Update. And  need I tell you, that’s success on its own.

Refreshing night’s rest to you all!

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