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Traffic many times take sports off driving (credit: Video Blocks)

We see from the seed in us:

It was Yuletide and a family had gone to the local airport to pick their family member who doubles as hubby and daddy. While returning home they got stuck in traffic and so where roads, dramas stopped mouths began and so words started rolling out and ears began to grab and ingest.

The car ahead of them had a sticker with the inscription Never Walk Alone.

Their granny Mrs. Rodriguez who had been advising, instructing her eldest grand-daughter (Mariana, 18) saw it and voiced, “Mariana, you know I told you last night to stop keeping late-nights, I also said you shouldn’t walk alone on deserted footpaths in the daytime and isolated places at night; now see my advice on the windscreen of that car!”

Louis the last child in the family saw it and voiced, “Grandma, it’s a lie. ‘Never walk alone,’ is Liverpool and the car owner is a Liverpool fan!”

Rodriguez was infuriated and voiced with indignation, “Shut up, ‘grandma it’s a lie,’ what do you know! A 5-year-old boy correcting his 65-year-old grand-mum!”

Louis’ dad Cesc voiced, “Grandma Louis is a football fan and he was seeing it from the angle of football; now Louis it’s wrong to say grandma is lying so say sorry to grandma for saying she was lying!”

“Sorry momma!” Louis apologized.

Now in all honesty, Cesc felt his son was right and Mrs. Rodriguez was wrong but he expressed his mind with diplomacy.

Mariana voiced, “No dad, the owner of the car could be an executive and was only highlighting the essence of team and teamwork!”

Mariana turned her head sharply and her face obeyed the command smartly and after her eyes rested on her mum’s body, she voiced, “Mum, what do you think?”

Her mum’s hands were busy on the steering of the SUV she was piloting and her lazy voice piped, “One of the lessons of life! When you’re married you no longer walk alone. The driver could be a marriage counselor you know!”

Now who’s right; who’s not?

We see from the seed in us!

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