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Saturday as Sanitation.

Saturday is vacancy and filling the space as couple, family is intimacy. (credit: social media)

Each day of the week give us a particular feeling or feelings; we are conscious of some while others are in our subconscious.

The way an ideal Muslim perceives Friday may be different from the way adherents of other religions perceive same; conversely Sunday feels differently to a Christian vis-à-vis the feelings of members of other religions.

As a boy I detests Saturdays because of the many chores to carry out and yes many families the world over dedicate Saturday for sanitation.

Clothes to wash; refuse to dump; louvers to clean … not to forget electronic gadgets and sofa wait for their baths on Saturdays.


future in-laws get to meet and know one another ideally on a Saturday; wedding and marriage wine and dine with Saturday and yes the day uploads owambe-feelings in party lovers.

In many homes it’s the day for school assignments before playtime says ‘hello, I’ve been waiting for you dear!’


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